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AC Service in Red Oak, TX

As one of the largest energy consumers in the average household, it is wise to keep your air conditioning system running as efficiently as possible to minimize your cooling costs. This requires frequent maintenance and periodic repairs, and while there are many air conditioning companies in Red Oak and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, finding one that you can trust can be difficult.

Rather than searching for “AC repair near me” and hoping you find a reputable company, contact our team at Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. We have been serving the Red Oak area since 1965, and we are a family-owned company that values our customers and makes quality a top priority. We provide a full selection of air conditioning services, including AC repair, maintenance, installation, and replacement, as well as comprehensive plumbing services.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Red Oak

Clogged air filters, dirty coils, and other maintenance problems can interfere with airflow and heat transfer, making your central air conditioner work harder than necessary to keep you comfortable. This wastes energy and increases your cooling costs significantly. By having your system inspected and maintained about twice a year, you can keep it operating as efficiently as possible and save money. Maintenance for a typical AC unit includes:

  • Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Replacing or cleaning the air filter
  • Cleaning the blower fan and air handler cabinet
  • Lubricating motor bearings, pulleys, and other moving parts
  • Adjusting or replacing belts
  • Inspecting the electrical system
  • Cleaning the condensate drain
  • Checking the refrigerant levels

At Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, our team of HVAC professionals can handle all the maintenance for you, on a regular schedule or on an as-needed basis. We have extensive experience with all common cooling equipment, including central air conditioners, ductless mini-splits, packaged systems, heat pumps, and more.

To schedule your maintenance appointment, contact us today. We serve all of Red Oak, from Interstate 35 to Highway 342 and beyond.

Ellis County Air Conditioner Repair

As your air conditioner ages, an occasional repair will be necessary to keep it running properly and efficiently. At Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning we can handle all your AC repair needs, including:

  • Replacing worn blower fan belts
  • Replacing a faulty thermostat
  • Sealing refrigerant leaks
  • Charging the refrigerant system
  • Replacing burned electrical contacts
  • Repairing compressor or blower motor problems

Our team will find the cause of the problem quickly and offer solutions that are reliable and affordable. If your system breaks down outside of business hours, we also offer 24-hour emergency service for all your AC repair needs.

Contact us today for quality AC repairs!

Red Oak Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement

Whether you need an air conditioner installed in a new building or are replacing your current system, our team at Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can help. We offer complete installation and replacement services for most AC equipment, and our process typically includes:

  • Removing the old AC unit, when necessary
  • Calculating cooling load and sizing the system
  • Selecting a system that meets the needs of your home
  • Installing the condenser unit, evaporator, refrigerant lines, and electrical cables
  • Charging and testing the system

To learn more about the installation process or to request a quote, contact us today!

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From repair and maintenance to system installation, you can trust our team at Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for all your air conditioning needs.

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