Tips on Unclogging a Floor Drain From Dallas Plumbers

Wondering down into the basement only to realize that your Dallas home’s floor drain has backed up is never a fun event. This is not a problem that will solve itself and you want to get it under control as promptly as possible. While there are definitely an abundance of  ways you can attempt to unclog a floor drain on your own, and there are quite a few potentially complicating factors to consider.

First, you should confirm that no one in the house turns on any running water for anything until the drain has been cleared. The floor drain in your basement is almost always the final stop in the plumbing for all of the drainage used in your house, and so any running water anywhere above will ultimately cause more water to back up in the basement. Of course, if you cannot use any running water anywhere else in your house, so it is even more essential that you are able to unclog the floor drain swiftly.

If you happen to own a snake, this may be the best option to try first. However, it can be a bit difficult to get the snake to make the sharp turns prevalent in these type of drains not long after the pipe descends below the floor. That is not to say that it cannot be done, but be aware that you will need to make sure the snake turns the corner before it will be useful to you at all.

People who do not own a snake may still be able to take care of the blockage without hiring a professional plumber like Dial 1 Plumbing. But first you have to locate the problem. Depending on the layout of your drainage system, this may be easier said than done. You can also make a pretty big mess if you open up various sections of pipe looking for the blockage, so be attentive and make sure you have something in place to catch the runoff and debris that may come out of the pipes when you open them.

You may also run into trouble if the blockage is really outside of your house in the larger sewer line that runs to the street. Unclogging a drain with this type of problem is commonly a job for a licensed specialist and there is very little you will be able to complete on your own.