Waxahachie Disposal Repair: 4 Things to Keep Away from Your Garbage Disposal

It’s the holiday season and if you’re the type who loves holiday baking, you’ll probably use your garbage disposal more often than not at this time of year. However, this also means you face a higher chance of calling up a professional service for Waxahachie disposal repair. Year after year, we see homeowners try to shove things into their garbage disposal that simply belong there, which results in the grinding abilities of the disposal to falter.

If you’ve got garbage disposal issues, it’s time to call Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating for Waxahachie disposal repair. Our team of plumbers truly knows what it takes to get your garbage disposal back in working order and consult with you on the work that needs to be to ensure just that! We’ll get rid of clogs so your holidays will be trouble-free!

What Shouldn’t You Throw Down Your Garbage Disposal?

When throwing things in your garbage disposal, keep discarded items small. Here are some of the most major things to absolutely never shove down garbage disposal under any circumstance:

  1. Cooking Grease: Cooking grease will actually cause discarded items to pass through drains much slower, resulting in a hefty buildup of all sorts of junk. Instead, store grease in a non-recyclable container, such as a milk carton, and throw it away in your regular garbage bag. Do not throw away grease without a sandwich bag or else it can lead to a huge mess when trying to change garbage bags!
  2. Pasta/ Potato Skins/Rice: You’ll more than likely dine on some of these foods this holiday season, but they don’t mix well with garbage disposal. The thick consistency of these foods will stick to drains like glue, and leave you with a huge mess that even a professional service won’t enjoy cleaning up. If it’s too starchy or has a lot of carbohydrates, then it’s generally bad news for your garbage disposal.
  3. Bones: Tossing out those bones from your big holiday dinner is the worst thing you can do to your garbage disposal. Bones are far too hard for a garbage disposal to shred up, but that’s never stopped people from trying anyway. Of course, these attempts have a zero percent success rate and it’s better to throw them in the garbage.
  4. Non-Food Items: It may seem a bit absurd to even consider non-food items as a potential garbage disposal stopper, but it happens all the time. That most-wanted toy you bought your child for the holidays may find itself clogging your garbage disposal. Other objects like utensils and paper products can also cause quite the clog. Non-food items are usually too difficult for garbage disposal from grinding up are best discarded in the garbage.

Contact Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating today and we’ll make sure you never have to worry about garbage disposal problems this season!