Avoid These DIY Plumbing Mistakes

Plunger the Dog reporting in with some good advice about how to avoid do-it-yourself (DIY) plumbing mistakes. We’ve all wanted to fix that leaky faucet or unclog the drain ourselves, saving us money and the hassle of calling a professional. However, one silly misstep, and us DIY-plumbers could cause more problems than we want—and that we’re prepared to handle.

Rather than find yourself sleeping out in the doghouse because of a DIY-plumbing project gone wrong, learn from my DIY-plumbing mistakes.

  1. Dialing up the drain cleaner. I know we’ve all heard it, but please, please, please resist using that stinky drain cleaner. It rarely, if ever, does a complete job of cleaning your drain, and it can corrode your pipes. Talk about a lose-lose. Opt for a plunger or plumbing snake instead. If the pesky clog still won’t budge, call a professional plumber.
  2. Neglecting to turn off the water. Who doesn’t love running through sprinklers? Take it from me, they are much more fun outside than in your kitchen. Even if it’s just a small, simple fix, turn off the water. There’s no need to deal with a flood in your bathroom in addition to a toilet that’s on the fritz.
  3. Going for an s-trap rather than a p-trap. In addition to being against plumbing codes in most places, s-traps have the potential of leaving you with unwanted vermin and sewer stenches. S-traps don’t always provide a water barrier and can let in these unwanted items. Pick the p-trap. Or, when in doubt, consult a plumber.
  4. Ignoring local plumbing codes. Unfortunately, ignorance is not a justifiable excuse to bypass local plumbing codes. Check with your city and state before you end up with a plumbing situation that could be against code and harm your home (codes are in place to make sure you’re safe).
  5. Failing to ask for help. There’s a time and place to persevere and trudge onward. When you are stuck in the middle of a DIY-plumbing project gone wrong is not one of them. Toss in the DIY-ego and call a professional plumber.