Discolored Water – Causes and What to Do About It

Have you noticed your household water becoming foggier over time? Or perhaps there is black particles that comes out when you turn on the faucet? We’ll go over a few different reasons your tap water is turning colors.

Dirty BasinThere are many reasons that your tap water is discolored; Water testing is essential in determining the cause of the problem. If you find the inside of your toilet tank is black, you likely have magnesium and iron in your water, but both are harmless to you. In order to get rid of that, you’ll need to filter your water. To filter your water, you’ll need the expertise of a water softener company, who can analyze your water to determine what you’ll need to remove the color. If your house has steel or galvanized piping, it’s possible that mineral flakes from exposed iron are contaminating your water supply. In some conditions, black water may come out of faucets. This can be caused from a combination of natural minerals and elements in the water, such as magnesium. Natural resin beads from water softeners are usually black in color, and oftentimes a water softener can break down and the resin beads can get into the water system.

If you have a well on your property, it’s important to pay attention to your water color, especially in your tub. If pink or orange stains appear on the fixtures, that’s usually an indication of iron in the water. Well water requires a water softener or alternative filtering mechanism to extract natural minerals from the water source. Test your water through water test kits to check the mineral content.

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