How Can You Save Money Duncanville Plumbing This Winter?

Save money on your utility bills this winter with a little advice from a Duncanville plumbing professional – Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating. We’ve been helping Duncanville homeowners address their plumbing needs since 1965 and it’s a tradition we intend to keep.


It seems as though utility prices only go in one direction, up. To combat this trend, keeping our homes in tip-top shape is not only a point of pride in Duncanville; it’s also a way to save money. When water heaters and other major appliances in our homes aren’t working properly they use more electricity, fuel and money. The longer inefficiencies are left unaddressed the worse they get and the more it costs to repair or replace them.

Your Duncanville plumbing is no different. Corroded, leaking pipes should not be allowed to get worse. Sewer lines that have been impeded by tree roots need to be cleared before they cause damage your yard or a backup into you home. Even something as seemly mild as a running faucet could be the tip of a much bigger problem. Regular maintenance and quick attention to issues will help prevent major expenses as a result of water damage.

Operation Insulation

One of the most straightforward steps you or a Duncanville plumbing professional can take to reduce wasted energy is pipe insulation. By insulating your pipes you reduce the amount of heat lost as the water travels from your water heater to the usage point. Another benefit is that should an unexpected cold front sweep through Duncanville, your pipes won’t burst due to the dramatic temperature change.

Duncanville homeowners can usually insulate exposed plumbing themselves. Home improvement stores sell relatively inexpensive polyethylene and fiberglass insulation tubes that wrap around pipes. However, if you suspect the pipes inside your walls are not insulated, it’s best to call a plumbing professional to avoid causing damage to your drywall.

Save some money by spending some money.

It may seem counterintuitive, but investing in new appliances is one way to save money over the lifetime of your home. There are a variety of tankless water heaters and low-flow toilet options available to Duncanville homeowners that meet EnergyStar’s strict rating standards. Having an experienced Duncanville plumbing professional at your side, like the team at Dial One Plumbing, can make picking the right energy efficient appliances for your home easy. We know when your family should go tankless and when a conventional water heater will better support their needs.

Plus, when people are house shopping in Duncanville, plumbing and appliances are two areas that they care about. When you’re ready to save some money, improve your home, and make a change, call Dial One Plumbing. We’re ready, able and happy to help.