How Can You Save Money on Cedar Hill Plumbing This Winter?

High-quality Cedar Hill plumbing comes at a price. When you’re relying so much on your plumbing fixtures every day, the costs of your monthly bills will only rise, maybe even to the point where you struggle to pay for them. Often times, this situation is the result of a sheer lack of plumbing maintenance. While professional maintenance is always the way to go, some homeowners aren’t aware there are steps they can take to ensure they’re not sacrificing their wallet just to pay bills.

Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating is here to help you save money on Cedar Hill plumbing this season. Our installation and repair services ensure you won’t have to make another call for repair for a long time to come, saving you plenty of dollars in the long-term. We’re also here to show you how you can take action and conduct a bit of money-saving maintenance on your own time, so you’re not having to wait until the repairman shows up to your doorstep.

Money-Saving Tips on Cedar Hill Plumbing

Don’t allow plumbing problems like drain clogs and frozen pipes ruin your day! Here is what you can do to keep the quality of plumbing high and costs of bills down low:

  • Check for Leaks: Sure, leaks may not look like a major concern at first, but they can certainly blossom into one. Check for leaks on any of your plumbing fixtures so you’ll know to call for professional service immediately. Leaks may add a layer of financial stress to your winter so get them fixed before they worsen.
  • Consider Water Heater Replacement: If your water heater is older than 15 years, you need to consider water heater replacement to avoid wasting even more money on energy costs. Again, this may have an upfront cost, but an older, faultier water heater will eventually send those energy and repairs up to unmanageable highs.
  • Reduce Water Heater Temperature: There is nothing better than taking a hot shower after a long day of work but if it’s money-saving you seek, it may better for you to turn the water heater temperature down by a few degrees. Make sure the temperature stays below 125 degree Fahrenheit or else you will waste more money on energy bills. Plus, any water above 125 degrees will verge on scalding and result in burning.
  • Locate Your Shut-Off Valve: It’s important to know where your shut-off valve is located. The valve in your home is usually located in the basement, attic, or crawl space. A shut-off valve can save you from wasting hundreds of gallons of water when you need it the most!

Contact Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating today if you’re looking for advice on how to save some big bucks on Cedar Hill plumbing!