4 Questions to Ask Before Red Oak Water Heater Installation

If you want a brand new water heater in your home, you need to understand it’s more than just a game of picking and choosing. Red Oak water heater installation is a process that requires considerable thought in terms of what type of water heater you need and who you choose to install it. After all, you certainly don’t want any old water heating contractor to install a system. You need the best of the best who can not only work quickly to install a water heater but also make sure installation is performed effectively.

water heaterBut how can you find such a service? Well, look no further than Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating. For years, we’ve installed water heaters in homes across Red Oak that provide hot water 24/7 to all plumbing fixtures. We’ll provide the highest quality Red Oak water heater installation at a fair price and better yet, we have a team of professionals who will listen to your every word and meet your needs no matter how small. We’ll even teach you how to avoid the scams and get the right service!

What Questions Should You Ask?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “There’s no such thing as a bad question!” This holds true for Red Oak water heater installation. To ensure you’re getting the best water heater installed by a fully-trained pro, ask these 4 questions:

  1. “What Are Your Qualifications?” Even if a plumber is licensed, you want to avoid working with them if they’re a newbie. There is a higher risk that they make some mistakes during the installation process. Go for a highly experienced professional who knows ins and outs of installation instead. They’ll know how to act when things don’t go as planned and are much better at handling emergency situations!
  2. “Do You Offer Estimates?” A great water heater service will provide you estimates on the cost of installation, annual operating costs, and more.  Don’t settle for a service company that will shy away from this discussion. Also, watch out for any service providing free estimates. While some do live up to that promise, others will simply use it as a front so you can buy into their service.
  3. “Do You Offer Sizing?” Imagine getting stuck with a water heater that’s simply too big for your home! A rookie mistake made by an inexperienced plumber is a failure to conduct measurements on the water heater tank according to the physical space in your home. A highly-trained professional will know to conduct measurements before any installation is performed, so you’re getting a perfectly-sized water heater.
  4. “Do You Offer Tankless Water Heating?” If you find conventional water heating to be too much of a burden, you’re not alone. Many homeowners find that big storage tank to either bring too many problems or take up too much space in their home. Ask your water heater installer if they also offer tankless water heating, which can offer incredible energy efficiency and longer-lasting performance. A water heater service company that offers its customers options will always be a wise choice.

Contact Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating today and we’ll provide you with Red Oak water heater installation done right!