6 Common Types of Water Heater Repair in Dallas, TX

Have you ever imagined life without water heater repair in Dallas, TX? We’re guessing you haven’t because you’re so used to having hot water readily available and that thought can be absolutely terrifying. The average person relies on hot water so much on a daily basis that imagining life without it would feel like imagining a weird, dystopian universe where society is in ruin due to a lack of a reliable water heating system.

Let’s put the consequences of not calling for repairs into serious consideration for a minute. A broken water heater means you may just have to settle for cold morning showers that will serve up more of a rude awakening than a sense of relaxation. No water heater repair means you won’t be able to wash those dirty dishes from last night’s dinner, leaving you with stained plates that look more like abstract art by the moment. Oh, and about that fancy dinner you cooked? Forget it. You’ll just have to settle for microwaveable TV dinners because you don’t have a working water heater to provide you with hot water to cook your next meal.

Perhaps even then, acknowledging these consequences still wouldn’t be enough to convince homeowners to call for water heater repair in Dallas, TX. But we here at Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating have to ask: why make life harder for yourself when quick repairs can make it so much easier? Don’t just settle for a life of cold showers and dirty dishes. Instead, call our team for high-quality water heater repair that will ensure your water heater continues to deliver the hot water you need to live in your home comfortably!

Common Water Heater Problems & Their Repairs

Though we handle all sorts of repairs, we generally find that these six are the most common we encounter:

  1. Faulty Burner: If you have a gas water heater, you may risk encountering problems with the burner, similar to a gas furnace. This can actively prevent your water heater from operating as the almighty and powerful in its heating abilities. You should never attempt to fix anything with a gas line on your own. It is much too dangerous, and you should refer to a plumber at Dial One instead.
  2. Rusted Anode Rod: The anode rod is a metallic rod at the top of the water heater responsible for attracting corrosion to keep it away from the rest of the tank. Since this means it tries to be a superhero by protecting your water heater, the anode rod will rust and allow corrosion to enter the tank. The corrosion can affect your water quality and become hazardous to use, so it’s important to call Dial One for service that keeps water healthy for all.
  3. Broken Dip Tube: The dip tube is responsible for carrying fresh water to the bottom of the tank so it can be heated for use. When it stops working, however, it can result in that fresh water going to the top of the water heater tank instead, which can then mix with hot water and lower water heater temperature. We can make this repair easily and restore your water heater temperature back to your desired level of comfort.
  4. Failed Heating Elements: Electric water heaters consist of two heating elements at the top and bottom of the tank to heat up water. If either one of those elements burns out, the water heater temperature will decrease and prevent you from getting more hot water. One of our plumbers can simply go into the tank and replace the heating element to ensure you continue to have hot water for all purposes.
  5. Tank Leaks: Have the costs of your water heater bills skyrocketed seemingly without explanation? Well, you may want to take a peek at your water heater tank. A water heater tank leak can only worsen without treatment, leaving you with high costs on water bills and probably a throbbing headache to boot. Allow our team of plumbers to inspect your water heater during a maintenance check so we can make the proper repairs to ensure you get hot water without the added high costs on water bills.
  6. Loud Noises: Your water heater should work quietly at all times. Sediment will build up at the bottom of your water heating tank and harden, leading to your water heater making loud banging noises once it starts to heat up water. The sediment buildup can both affect water quality for the worst and even damaged the water heater tank itself, leading you to spend more money on repair and eventual replacement. This may require our team of plumbers to drain the tank and flush it out so it can be refilled with fresh water that is free of any sediment. We can help restore your water heater to prevent it from playing a rock concert in the comfort of your home.

Call Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating for Water Heater Repairs in Dallas, TX

Contact Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating today if you need water heater repair in Dallas, TX—especially if you need repair immediately. We can handle any of these repairs and more! Remember: you absolutely shouldn’t choose to wait to receive water heater repair, especially when you consider just how essential a water heater can be to your home. Contact us for service!