5 Signs You Need Desoto Water Heater Repair

Learn the five signs your Desoto home needs water heater repair so you can help prevent a repair from becoming a replacement.

1. Less hot water: If you timed yourself, you’d probably learn that most of your showers take about the same amount of time. Your available hot water supply should be the same as well. If you’re noticing less and less hot water, but your usage is about the same, it’s a sign you water heater needs repair. There might be a tank leak or a broken dip tube. Don’t grin and bare it because ignoring the problem will only make it worse.

2. Not Hot or Not Hot Enough: Again, if you want and expect your hot water to be, well, hot. That’s why your Desoto home has a hot water heater. If your water isn’t getting hot or hot enough you might need a repair. Possible causes include a fuel supply breakdown, a faulty pilot light, or a burnt-out heating element.

3. Reddish-brown Water: Rust and water are not a great combination. If you notice a discolored ring around the tub or see an orange tint to your water, it’s a sign of corrosion. Corrosion one of those water heater repairs that can quickly snowball into water heater replacement.

4. Foul odors: Bad smells coming from your water heater are usually an indication that repairs or maintenance is needed. The gas company puts an additive into gas to give it sulfur or rotten egg smell. When a burner isn’t working correctly or there is a leak the gas will escape from the water heater. Turn off the gas supply immediately if you smell natural gas.

If the water heater is giving off a foul stench, like something besides eggs is rotting, you might have a problem with your well water. Microbes in well water can occasionally collect inside your water heater. When they do they give off a pungent smell. Similar to how you might shock your swimming pool with chlorine, one of Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating’s water heater repair technicians can help flush and clean your tank if need be.   

5. Noise: Water heaters should hum or be silent. If it sounds like someone is banging on every pot and pan in your Desoto home, then your water heater needs repair. There are a number of causes for noisy water heaters including, excess pressure, damaged heating elements or a malfunctioning burner assembly.

If you notice one or more of these problems, call in a professional you can trust like the team at Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating. We’re local to the Desoto area and we’ve got the experience and know-how to address your water heater repair needs.