Water Heater Installation Farmers Branch, Texas

Recently the State of Texas passed a law for requiring a permit issued on water heater installation Farmers Branch, a city in Texas. This requires a pan under water heaters with the drain going to the outside in most installations. All water heaters must be third-party labeled. There are many codes that must be complied with in this legislation. Our plumbing company is aware of these and customers can rest assured that their water heaters will be installed according to the prevailing codes. We have a commitment to our principles of business.

Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating is based on supplying their customers with first-rate service and building a relationship with them that will be long-term. They have a mission to provide the top-rate service to customers and do this with integrity, honesty and dependability. They have been in the plumbing business since 1965, and serve the needs of the local community in Dallas. Dial One trucks are dispatched to different neighboring locations around Dallas and the Fort Worth area. They are on call 24 hours every day, because they realize problems with the plumbing system in a home or business must be promptly repaired. A working plumbing system is something customers should not have to be without.

Plumbing services include commercial and home maintenance of plumbing. This business takes care of kitchen and bathroom plumbing, installation of garbage disposal and dishwasher; replacements of toilets and faucets, drain cleaning, inspection of pipes, repairing and installing sewer and water lines. They also find leaks and work with gas piping, plus replacement and repair of water heaters. The company also installs water treatment systems and water filtration systems, plus many other services. Just give Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating a call for any plumbing need you may have and you will learn that they are called, “The Best Lil Plumbing Company in Dallas!”

When you call, you may be surprised, to get to talk to a live person who will send out a professional plumber that will get the job done with professionalism without wasting any of your time. When they show up to make a repair they do not give up and leave at 5 p.m. like some companies do, the plumber stays until the job is completed. The employees take extreme measures to ensure the job is done correctly and all problems are solved before they leave. Dial One plumbing can be recommended to anyone for a job done right. They are a very quick, reliable and trustworthy plumbing business that cares about their customers.

Professional service offered by Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating.Dial One Johnson is outstanding. They thoroughly explain your plumbing problems and get them repaired completely in a short period of time. They will follow all codes and standards to make sure they observe the many codes that must be complied with for water heater installation Farmers Branch, Texas. Dial One Plumbing is committed to their business principles and based on giving customers top-notch service while building a lasting relationship with them. They achieve this by being efficient, honest and dependable.