7 Easy Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Plumbing maintenance can save you from one of the pains of being a modern homeowner—water bills. Though water bills are normal part of everyday life, some homeowners will allow costs to grow completely out of their control. This is primarily due to allowing plumbing fixtures go unchecked, meaning any existing issues will only worsen. Any leaks in your plumbing system that go unattended can wind up presenting themselves in the form of high cost bills. and can waste several gallons of water. Adding to the burden is the fact that you need water in order to function in your home on a daily basis. You need running water for showers, laundry, cooking, washing dishes, and so much more. When you also add in the number of occupants in your home, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when you take a look at the cost of your next water bill. And as you may know, water doesn’t come cheap. You just may find yourself with an empty wallet in the span of just a few short months. Though it may seem like you just prepared yourself for a season of high spending, you can take action in changing your fortunes for the better. Saving money on water bills is possible, and sometimes all it takes is a few quick steps to make it happen.

Calling Dial One for High-Quality Service

If water bills are proving too much, Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating is here to make the save. We want to see you be able to save as much as possible this season, which is why our team of dedicated plumbers will always be on standby to provide assistance. We are willing to provide services like pipe repair and water heater maintenance to ensure your plumbing system is incredibly reliable throughout the fall and winter. We also provide comprehensive home plumbing inspections to detect any area where your plumbing system may need a little more work. With our help, you will experience greater savings, improve fixture efficiency, and best of all, a greater sense of peace and relaxation. When you know your plumbing fixtures are working to the best of their abilities, and you’re saving money in the process, a better peace of mind will be achieved.

How Can Plumbing Maintenance Save You Money On Water Bills?

The cost of water bills can sneak up on you, but there is a way to avoid it. The next time you’re looking to cut costs on bills, please follow these 7 helpful plumbing maintenance tips:

  1. Practice More Efficient Dishwashing: Some may think washing dishes by hand will be the more efficient option, but the truth is that it actually wastes more water than using the dishwasher. Investing in an energy-efficient dishwasher uses 30% less water than if you washed by hand, and ultimately winds up being 80% more efficient overall. Though running out and buying a dishwasher may have a high upfront cost, you will experience more long-term savings.
  2. Improve Water Meters: Water meters today have made great strides in improving their performance. New water meters have been developed that can detect leaks and give you detailed information on your water usage, which let you know if you need to change your daily habits. Since modern water meters do a great job in detecting leaks, you will be able to stop problems before they worsen.
  3. Consider Greywater Reuse Options: Did you know your water supply can be recycled? Examples of recycled water include shower, faucet and even laundry water that can be used for toilet flushing. A sanitary pipe keeping the water separated from city potable water pipes and running it to your toilets will help make this possible. In fact, this method can save you an impressive 7,000 gallons of water in a year.
  4. Consider Storm Water Reuse: The water from that last rain storm may prove a reusable water option as well. This process entails collecting storm water via rooftop drums that can collect and distribute water for landscaping irrigation. If you get a lot of rainfall in your area, this will certainly prove to be beneficial for your needs.
  5. Save Water in the Bathroom: Your bathroom probably sees the most water usage out of any room in your household. Toilets, sinks, and showers can amount to 41 gallons used per day, per person. You can save water by switching to more efficient fixtures, like low-flow toilets and shower heads. You can also reduce shower time down to 5 minutes to save more gallons of water.
  6. Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Washing Machines: Upgrading your washing machine can save you 50% more on energy bills.New models of washing machines last longer, and wash more effectively as well. You can also save water by wearing clothes more than once, as washing clothes that aren’t even dirty can be a huge waste of water.
  7. Save Water in Your Yard: Overall, your outdoor watering habits could be costing you the most. Evaluating the water used for maintaining your lawn and landscaping could result in big savings. It’s estimated that up to 55% of your water is used outdoors, primarily from watering the grass. You can work with a landscape designer in creating a more water-friendly outdoor space, which may include you making a change to low-maintenance landscaping.

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