What to Do if You Have a Gas Leak in Red Oak, TX

Are you having a plumbing problem in Red Oak? At some point, even the best of us find ourselves in need of a plumber. Red Oak Texas, Hawk, and Hawketts are in luck! If you smell gas and you don’t know what to do, don’t panic. Read the tips below for comprehensive directions about what to do next.

Get Everyone Out of the House and To a Safe Place

Under NO circumstance should you turn any appliance or light fixture on or off? Leave the premises promptly and get a safe distance away.

Call Atmos or Your Local Gas Company to Come to the Premises to Attend to the Leak

The gas company will send a technician out to determine the approximate location of the leak. If it is determined to be on the gas company’s side, they will take care of the repairs for you. At times the gas company determines the leak is on the owner's property, at which time they turn the gas off and instruct the owner to call a licensed plumbing technician.

Common Locations of Gas Leaks

  • The control valve, the gas stop, or the flexible gas line. In some older homes there will be no flexible gas line but instead a small copper tube, but this is very rare these days.
  • Your water heater on the control valve, the gas stop, or the flexible gas line.
  • The gas cooktop or range, on the stop or flexible lines. At times the units themselves malfunction.
  • A gas stove wall unit or floor furnace on the valves, stops, or supplies.
  • The attic, under the house, or in the wall. These are often pin hole sized leaks.
  • On the yard service between the gas meter and the house.

What Do Plumbers Do When You Have a Gas Leak

In many cases the gas company will require a permit pulled and a gas test by a licensed master plumber and an inspection of the gas test by the local city inspector, showing that the gas line is free of leaks and will hold pressure. After that, a plumbing technician will come and take the following steps:

  1. Put a test on the gas line from the meter to the premises (where there should be a gas stop installed) . Even if the gas leak is in the house it needs to be determined that there is no leak on the yard service.
  2. Put a three-pound pressure test on the house for approximately 30 minutes once it has been determined that the service from the meter to the house is free of leaks
  3. Go to each exposed fixture and soap the fixture with soapy water to see if it bubbles (thus showing a leak). If the leak was shown to be at one of the exposed fixtures then the technician will give you a price to make the repair. Once the repair is made he will once again put the premises on a three-pound pressure test to assure that the leak has been taken care of.
  4. Continue to search for the leak, should the pressure gauge continue to leak. Once the leak has been located and a price to make the repair has been decided upon, the technician will again put the house on a gas test to determine for sure that all leaks have been found and repaired.
  5. Check with the office once all leaks have been repaired to determine if the gas company if going to require a city inspection.
  6. Turn the gas back on to the premises if a city inspection is required. The master plumber will be responsible for pulling a permit with the city the house or building is located in.
  7. Call the city once the permit is pulled and it is determined that there are NO further leaks to have the premises added to the inspection list. This usually occurs the following day.
  8. Go back to the premises early the next morning and put a three-pound test back on the premises and again wait to ensure that there are no leaks. After waiting a minimum of 30 minutes, the technician will leave and wait for the city inspector to go by and inspect the gauge him or her self. Note: The city inspector has the right to come into your home and inspect any and all plumbing in your home, even if it has not been worked on. Be nice to the inspectors at all times!

Once the inspector has inspected the technician's work and determined that he approves the job he will issue a Green Tag, at which time when the inspector returns to the office they will contact the gas company and let them know that your residence may have the gas turned back on. The plumbing technician will then come back by to collect his pressure gauges. The gas company will then come out and reconnect the gas meter and turn your gas on and light your gas appliances.

How to Prevent a Gas Leak

  • Never let an unlicensed person work on any gas or gas appliance. You are literally putting your life in their hands.
  • When you change out a water heater make sure that the person has the city inspector inspect their work. This ensures that you get a quality job that you can feel safe with.
  • When the seasons change and you go to change the filters in your air conditioning units, use that as a reminder to check the connections to your gas appliances to see if they look in good condition. Check the flexible gas line hoses to make sure there are no cracks in them. Have a professional replace anything that looks suspicious.
  • Get on a regular maintenance plan with a plumbing and air conditioning company. They will come in several times a year and check your home and make sure everything is good and in excellent working order and safe for your family.

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Are you having a gas line problem in Red Oak? At some point, even the best of us find ourselves in need of a plumber. Red Oak, Texas Hawk, and Hawkettes are in luck! At Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating, we are in the business of creating peace of mind for our clients by treating them with value and respect while delivering expert plumbing services. Contact us today for service!