Common Reasons Your Indoor Air Quality is Poor

Home Habits Bad for Indoor Air Quality

Spring is almost here, and with it can with some sniffles and sneeze. Though spring allergies can be something, you experience every time you head outdoors, for many that sneezing and wheezing can linger when at home, too. Oftentimes, the reason is poor indoor air quality.

Though many homeowners might not know it, often, your indoor air quality is lower than the outside air. So if you find yourself often sneezing and coughing every time you’re home, here are some common reasons that could be:

You Overdo The Air Fresheners

Many home air fresheners are loaded with chemicals that bring down the quality of your air. If you are looking to get a fresh, clean-smelling home, consider switching to green cleaners like baking soda or essential oils.

You Have Carpets and Don’t Vacuum Often

The fibers in carpet hold on to dust and dander. For many allergy sufferers, these can be a common cause of breathing issues. If you can’t part with your carpeting, you should consider keeping up with a routine cleaning schedule. Dust often and choose a vacuum that has a high-quality filter.

You Don’t Take Off Your Shoes

Your shoes see a lot of allergens throughout the day. All that dirt and debris that wind up on the soles of your shoes can be easily tracked through your home and saved in the fibers of your carpets and floors. Add infrequently cleanings, and your air quality will suffer. When possible, avoid wearing your shoes throughout your home or in carpeted areas.

Your Air Filters are Dirty

When's the last time you had your HVAC serviced? What about your air filters or vents? When not routinely looked at or cleaned, dirt, dander, and debris can buildup and reduce their efficiency. This will make it harder to filter out air contaminants and lead to poor system performance. Be sure to keep up with your routine tune-ups.

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