Tree Root Intrusion

How to Get Rid of Root Intrusion

Have you ever heard of root intrusion? This problem occurs in your sewer or water lines when tree or shrub roots, naturally attracted to the moisture in your lines, begin to grow towards them. With the liquid in your lines acting as a kind of natural fertilizer, the tree roots in your yard may eventually start to grow around the line itself, or even into it. This of course can result in a ton of problems, including leaks, clogs, or even complete line breaks.

The good news is that with Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating, it is possible to detect and take care of root intrusion before your lines experience extensive damage. Make sure to watch out for signs that you are dealing with root intrusion, such as lush, green patches in your yard, slow-running and smelly drains, frequent clogs and back-ups, as well as an uptick in pests around your property. The sooner you hire our skilled plumbers and sewer pros, the sooner we can get rid of root intrusion, and help you go back to a healthy, functioning home.

The 3 Steps for Dealing with Tree Roots:

  1. Camera Pipe Inspections: Camera pipe inspections allow us to precisely identify not only if any root infiltration is occurring, but the exact spot that it’s happening, so we can save time and get a more comprehensive idea of the problem before moving on to the next step.
  2. Drain & Sewer Cleaning: With today’s modern sewer and drain cleaning technology, we may not only be able to scrub dirt and grime off the walls of your lines, but pulverize tough obstructions like tree roots. This will ensure that your lines are both root-free and running smoothly as new again.
  3. Line Repair/Replacement if Necessary: In some cases, if your lines have been damaged enough from root intrusion, you may need to repair or replace them. Fortunately, with modern, cutting-edge tools and technology, our technicians can access your sewer and water lines in a more efficient and sanitary manner than ever before, allowing you to get the service you need with as little interruption as possible to your property.

Call Dial One Johnson to Take Care of Roots ASAP

Failing to deal with tree roots that have worked their way into your sewer and drain lines could not only lead to thousands of dollars in water damage, but pose a huge health hazard for your entire family, too. When dealing with a wastewater leak, for instance, you may have to clean up a lot of costly property damage, but also account for the diseases that are present in sewage water. Avoid having to deal with any of this, and call our technicians for an inspection to stop root intrusion before it’s too late. We get the job done quickly and comprehensively, and even offer affordable financing options and specials to make our services more affordable for everybody.

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