Four Reasons You Need to Repipe Your Home

A whole-home repipe is not a small or simple plumbing procedure. This service involves completely replacing all or a large majority of the water lines that run through your home. Over time, plumbing systems fall apart and degrade, as exposure to water that is under pressure eventually takes its toll. When that happens, you’ll face a number of challenges that could jeopardize everything from your peace of mind to the very structure and foundation of your property.

Why would you need to repipe your home? Here are four reasons that you might consider taking on this project for your property.

Your Plumbing Is Leaking Frequently

Plumbing leaks are a part of life, and they’re not something that most people really think twice about once they’re fixed. However, if it seems like your plumbing is leaking quite a bit, then you may have a bigger problem on your hands. As pipes age, they become more susceptible to damage, and damage means leaks that need to be repaired. If you’re fixing a lot of leaks, then this is a sign that your pipes have just gotten too old, and therefore it’s time to replace them completely.

This is a particularly common problem with older homes that were built with galvanized steel or iron pipes. At the time, this material was affordable, durable, and had a lot of promise of being a long-term water line solution. However, over the years, it has been shown to be susceptible to corrosion, and as a result pretty much any home that was originally built with it has probably needed to have all of its pipe replaced by how. The same can be said for Quest piping, also known as polybutylene. This type of plastic piping was believed to be a great replacement, but could potentially fall apart as it ages.

You See Visible Signs of Corrosion

Visible corrosion is a huge sign that it’s time to replace your plumbing. Corrosion is generally a sign of wear and tear on pipes, and wear and tear means problems are imminent. On pipes like cast iron or galvanized steel, corrosion comes in the form of reddish-brown rust. On copper pipes, the rust is more of an ocean blue-ish green, like the Statue of Liberty. If you start seeing areas where this color is particularly common, there’s a good chance that your pipe is corroding and that you might have to replace your plumbing soon.

If the damage is limited to one area, particularly an area that’s already exposed to air 24 hours a day, then the issue may very well be a localized one. In that case, we recommend having your plumbing properly inspected to make sure. A certified plumber can tell you whether or not a whole-home repipe is necessary.

Your Pipes Are More than 30 Years Old

On average, plumbing can be reasonably expected to last at least 30 years. At that point, you might start to notice added signs of wear and tear, including more leaks, extra corrosion, and other issues that are somewhat out of the ordinary. Joints, or areas where two different pieces of pipe have been connected and sealed together, may also start to fall apart over time, and could be weak points as plumbing systems begin to age.

If your pipes are 30 years old or more, you may want to start taking a whole-home repipe into consideration. While this is generally an expected lifespan for more corrosion-prone materials, it’s not uncommon for more durable materials like copper to last longer. But as different piping systems will age differently, we recommend keeping a closer eye on your pipes once they reach the age of 30.

Your Water Has High Levels of Iron or Metal

Does your water have a strange, metallic taste to it? This is often a sign of corrosion in water lines, as the taste is coming from microscopic metal particles being dissolved into your water. This is a definite sign of excessive wear and tear on your lines, and it’s a huge reason to repipe your home. Unlike many other reasons, metallic taste doesn’t require any sort of visible signs or symptoms. Whereas corrosion or leaks are visible, metallic-tasting water doesn’t leave any signs of damage that we can see with our eyes. This can make it hard to detect, particularly if you have a filtration system for drinking water.

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