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Common Toilet Problems in Dallas

Posted on: May 30, 2012

An essential aspect of Dallas plumbing is the reliable toilet. Unfortunately this crucial plumbing machine is susceptible to a handful of problematic issues. This blog post will walk the every day home owner through the basics of toilet repair and bathroom plumbing.

  1. Running
    We have all been a victim of the ominous constant running of toilet water. The sound alone is an irritant because it represents an unavoidable chore of bathroom maintenance, but if that was not enough, it can be the reason for higher water bills and cause your septic tank to overflow.  Fortunately, it is simple to diagnose and fix. Just look into the tank at the flapper. If it is not seated properly, adjust the chain to give more slack. If that doesn’t solve the problem, the flapper may be worn and need to be replaced. You can buy a new one at your local hardware store and install it yourself easily.
  1. Slow draining bowl
    Also known as a weak flush, this one is also fairly easy to fix. A weak flush is usually caused by clogged flush holes, which are underneath the rim of the bowl. Using a mirror to see, poke a bent wire coat hanger into each one to remove any clogs.
  1. Phantom flush
    Although it won’t actually flush, sometimes you may hear the tank spontaneously start to refill as though someone has just flushed. This just means the water is leaking out of the tank, which can usually be fixed with a new flapper, as with problem #1.
  1. Suction sounds
    If you flush the toilet and hear sucking or gurgling sounds emanating from the tub or sink, that usually indicates a clogged vent pipe. Such clogs usually originate in the roof, such as a dead bird falling into vent pipe up there. You may be best served by calling a plumber to fix this one, in order to avoid making the problem larger.
  1. Clogged or overflowing
    Lastly, of course, is the clogged or overflowing toilet. While wearing gloves and holding your nose, use a plunger or pipe snake to clear the drain. If that doesn’t get it done, the clog may be too large to handle without professional equipment, so you had better call a plumber.

Please give Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning a call if you need any help with these tips.


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