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Ask Our Grand Prairie, TX Plumbing Services: How Can You Maintain Your Garbage Disposal?

Posted on: April 7, 2016

As part of our Grand Prairie, TX plumbing services, we can help you maintain your garbage disposal so it can continue to chop up food particles and other waste. If not properly maintained, the disposal can become blocked due to a buildup of food and its blades can be dulled after a long period of use. When you suspect your garbage disposal isn’t working as well as it should, please give us a call and we can restore your disposal so it remains good as new.

But first, you should know the right steps to take so you can do your share in making sure your disposal is in good working order. You may feel the need to spend money on expensive equipment just to take care of it, but the truth is that garbage disposal maintenance can be performed using things around your household. That’s right; you don’t need to drop another dollar. We will show you how to conduct maintenance that is both effective and cost-efficient.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

Garbage disposal maintenance is an essential piece of our Grand Prairie, TX plumbing services, and we’re happy to offer you the following tips:

  1. Turn off Power: Before anything, always put your safety first. Turn the power off before working on the garbage disposal to avoid risking any serious injury. If you cannot locate where the power source is located, it may be better to not conduct maintenance on your own and instead call a professional.
  2. Use Lemon Peels: When life gives you lemons, maintain your garbage disposal. When your disposal is coming into contact with all sorts of waste, it won’t smell too nice. Drop some lemon peels into the disposal instead to give your kitchen a fresh, lemony scent.
  3. Use a Wooden Spoon: In the event of minor clogs, please take a wooden spoon to clean out any sources of clogging or break up any build up. Make sure to use the spoon in between the blades to ensure the best operation for your garbage disposal.
  4. Keep Grease and Bones Away: Cooking grease can harden when it linger in your garbage disposal and immediately create a clog. The same can hold true for the bones from your last turkey dinner. Discard these items in the regular garbage instead to avoid any trouble.
  5. Vinegar: The same vinegar you use for cooking can also be used for garbage disposal maintenance. Put a few drops of vinegar down the disposal, let it soak, and then flush with hot water. This will eliminate any mineral deposits, in addition to keeping it clean.

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