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Sewer Repair in Arlington: 4 Main Causes of Sewer Damage

Posted on: November 2, 2015

When your sewer line is damaged, you need sewer repair in Arlington immediately, or else be prepared to be on the receiving end of some seriously unsanitary consequences. While you may think even the slightest damage won’t bring any major harm to your home’s plumbing, it can create some real headaches. You may experience issues with plumbing fixtures to the point where they are rendered useless. Worse, you may experience things like toilet backups and puddling in your front lawn. If you want to avoid this trouble, then you need a dependable sewer repair service to help you.

But who should you call? Well, you should place Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning atop your list of plumbing services when you need sewer repair in Arlington. Our team of professional plumbers can work quickly to restore your sewer line to keep your home happy and healthy! While sewer damage is certainly a bummer, our plumbers will go the extra mile in making sure your sewer line is repaired in no time at all! When it comes sewer repair, you can always count on Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

Why Are You Calling for Sewer Repair in Arlington?

A damaged sewer is no fun and it can only grow worse the longer you wait. But what exactly causes it? Here are 4 main causes of sewer damage:

  1. Tree Roots: Tree root growth can seep into your sewer line, which can pierce through your sewer line if the growth is extensive enough. Tree root intrusion can be hard to detect because it occurs underground. Call a professional to inspect you sewer for any root damage.
  2. Natural Causes: Mother Nature can also play a role in sewer damage due to excess flooding and heavy rain. While you may think damage from storms can only impact the external features of your home’s plumbing, it can actually bring damage to your sewer line as well, including leaks.
  3. Physical Wear and Tear: If your sewer line reaches a certain age, it may begin to show signs of rust or corrosion which can see it begin to crumble. This may only cause small leaks at first, but it can only grow worse with time. If you feel your sewer line is becoming too rusted, then call for sewer repair immediately.
  4. Improper Digging: Before you dig to your sewer line, it’s important to be careful not to damage or sewer line leaks may be due to your own interference. Be on the lookout for your sewer line as you dig!

Contact Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today for sewer repair in Arlington. No matter the cause of damage, you can count on our repair services!

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