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How to Conduct Leak Detection in Richardson, TX Like a Pro

Posted on: July 29, 2016

Leak detection in Richardson, TX is highly important if you want to stop leaks in their earliest stages, but it can be difficult for some homeowners to manage. Leaks will often begin underground or in other areas of the home not immediately visible to the eye, meaning it can grow in severity without you even being aware there is a leak present at all.

The next thing you know, you’re dealing with high costs on water bills, ineffective plumbing fixtures, and possible soil erosion under the home which an affect your foundation.  All of this can create a general sense of dread over the state of your entire plumbing system.

And to think: it all would’ve been avoided if you simply detected leaks as soon as possible. But how do you go about doing that? Do you stare at the walls and floors of your home until your eyes are bloodshot? Do you call up Sherlock Holmes to investigate?

You don’t have to—Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating is local, much cheaper than a personal detective, and ready to help. Contact us today if you have a water leak in Richardson, TX!

DIY Leak Detection Tips

While calling us would certainly be the most efficient route, you can effectively perform leak detection in Richardson, TX on your own with the help of a few pointers. While identifying where leaks are originating can be difficult, there are often visual clues you can notice around the home. When you notice them, it’s time to call Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating for excellent service to further investigate the situation and put a stop to leaks once and for all.

And, really, you won’t find any better leak detection service than with Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating. When we detect leaks, we detect them quickly. We know just waiting even a day or two to detect leaks can mean all the difference in the well-being of your plumbing system. That’s why we’ll go to any length to ensure leaks are spotted and repaired so you can go back to experiencing high-quality plumbing in your home. And we’ll take it one step further too, by showing you what you should notice around the house so you’re spotting leaks like one of our licensed, fully-trained professionals.

Leaks are tricky. They can start as tiny and insignificant at first, but then blossom into something much, much worse for your plumbing system. Worse, leaks can give rise to water damage that will cost you thousands of dollars in restoration services. If you want to avoid any trouble, then watch out for the following:

Damp Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

Sometimes, the easiest way to detect leaks is just by looking around at the walls, floors, and ceilings in your home. Since much of your home’s piping is located in between walls and under floors, you may begin to notice water stains take shape around your home. Depending on the material comprising walls and floors, dampening may result in them feeling soggy to the touch and may even soon begin to rot.

It’s also highly concerning if your water-stained ceiling begins sagging, as it’s an indicator that perhaps something even more disastrous with your plumbing is looming on the horizon. Of course, the longer these problems persist, the more likely that you’ll pay high costs in water damage restoration. When you notice dampening around the home, it’s time to call a professional.

Mold Growth

Remember this easy rule: wherever moisture grows, mold will follow. As you may know, mold can be incredibly hazardous, as breathing it in can lead to long-term health consequences like breathing and respiratory problems. Mold is more likely to grow in the colder, damper areas of your home and with leaks, those areas will be in abundance. If you notice any patches of fuzz popping up around your home, it’s time to call for leak repair not just to better your plumbing system, but also to keep your family healthy. A working plumbing system is important, and so is your indoor air quality. You need effective service that will help maintain both.

Dripping Faucets

Don’t be fooled by that dripping faucet. It may not look like that much of a concern, but the truth is that it can prove to be a major source of leakage. Unfortunately, many homeowners out there will shrug it off like it’s no big deal, only to be met with a rude awakening when they see the costs on their next water bill.

Yes, that’s right; dripping faucets can cost you gallons upon gallons of water. It can also prevent you from being able to use your faucet to its fullest extent, a major problem when you consider just how often you rely on it on a daily basis. When you first notice your faucet is showing no signs of stopping with all its dripping, it’s time to call a professional who can determine what exactly is behind the leak. Leaky faucets are generally the result of a worn rubber washer in need of replacement.

Check the Toilet

Pipe leaks are unfortunate, but a toilet leak? That’s an entirely different kind of misfortune, perhaps even worse. A leaking toilet drain line can lead to some pretty gross and unsanitary consequences for your home if not treated soon as possible. If a toilet or sewer drain line is leaking it is because the pipe has broken somewhere and is most likely restricting the flow of waste leaving your home.  If this is not fixed, it could cause waste water to back up and flood your bathroom.  It is always best to get slow or no flow draining sewer lines taken care of as soon as you notice the problem.

If you suspect you have a water leak in your toilet, remove the top off the tank and listen closely for any hissing noises, one of the prime indicators that a leak is indeed present. One neat trick for detecting toilet leaks is adding food coloring to your toilet tank water. If the water in the toilet bowl changes color, it’s a sign that you have a leak in your toilet’s flapper that is allowing water to seep out. Call for repair immediately to keep your toilet flushing.

Test the Pressure Release Valve

Another type of leak in need of your attention is a water heater leak. There’s no denying you need a steady flow of hot water at any time of year whether it be showering, dish washing, laundry, cooking, and so much more. That’s why a water heater leak can be so troublesome—when you’re already relying on hot water several times a day, a single leak can prevent your water heater from producing it to its fullest extent.

If you’re noticing higher costs on water bills and puddles forming around the area of your water heater, you may feel more inclined to investigate the problem. In that case, you should test the pressure release valve on the water heater tank. Similar to a toilet, check the pressure release valve for any hissing noises, which will indicate that a leak is present and that your water heater needs professional attention.

Call Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating for Help Detecting and Repairing Water Leaks in Richardson, TX

Contact Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating today if you need leak detection in Richardson that will help you save money, water, and the well-being of your entire plumbing system!

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This company always makes my service experience pleasant. I get a courtesy call to confirm the appointment and to let me know the arrival time for the appointment. The plumber, James, gives a great explanation for the work needed and is very efficient at doing the job. I can definitely recommend this company.

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Starting with my initial call and interaction with the Office Manager Andy, the service was outstanding. The onsite team beginning with Matt, the leak detection person and ending with the plumbers (Jonathan and James), the service was excellent. I highly recommend this company for your plumbing needs.

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Great Service!

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I was very impressed with the overall service. I love the quality of work and the fact that I received a call saying they were heading my way 30 minutes after the timeline given.

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I’ve been recently widowed and a failed water heater was stress I didn’t need. James and this company took care of me and gave me peace of mind.

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Great service. Nicely done job.

Review of Dial One Johnson Plumbing

The work performed by Don is beautiful. Don came to replace our old water heater. He’s very thorough and skillful. Our family greatly appreciate his work. Thank you very much Don.

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Great service!

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Great Service and Awesome Price!

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My serviceman was Don. He was Awesome! I was extremely pleased with the service. Before starting he thoroughly checked the job out to see what was entailed. He helped me pick out the items I would need and took time to answer my questions and concerns.It was evident that he wanted to do a good job and the customer was first which was me. I was educated on the procedures. He told me what he needed to do, how it was going to be, and how long it would take. And he gave me a good price. Don is experienced and highly efficient. He is well-organized and neat. His work is eye-catching and eye-pleasing. There were no water drippings or stains left on my white tile floor. When finished, he left his work area neat and clean. He hauled old items away. He did an AWESOME job! I recommend Dial One Johnson Plumbing which I will be using again and again. And I will be personally asking for Don. When the job, was finished he thanked me for allowing him to serve me.Good customer service means a lot.

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Exceptional customer service from Debra taking the initial call to James fixing the plumbing issue. My telephone call to Dial One was taken quickly and efficiently addressed; no long wait on line for a person to answer. My information on the problem was promptly taken and steps taken to help me. James arrived promptly and was working to fix the plumbing issue within minutes of arriving at our home. James definitely knew what he was doing, very knowledgeable and very personable. If Debra and James are the typical caliber of Dial One employees, Dial One is a solid service provide and be my “go to” company. My thanks to Debra and James, they made resolution to this problem a quick, easy fix for us.

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Detailed and professional

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Daniel explained clearly and completely his evaluation..very impressive

Best Plummer Ever!

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I called there office in a panic! There was water in the closet by my hall bath. I had already had three Plummer’s out and the all said the leak was fixed. The whole shower had been taken out and the cold water rerouted because of THE LEAK. Well there went a thousand dollars. But we still had the leak! We had to pay to have the tub and tile replaced another seventeen hundred dollars we still Have THE LEAK! They have to tear out some of the brand new tile and replace the faucet . And had to pay to have that repaired two hundred fifty dollars! Go into the bedroom in the closet this morning and THE LEAK is back!! All over the carpet now we are back to square one. I call your office and the lady that answered the phone was very kind and I was about to loose it. I felt like I had been betrayed by three different Plummer’s and did not know who to trust. She assured me that your technicians were the best and would find the problem. Then the man of the day showed up to my door same day mind you. And he did not know he was going to be the man of the day at least in my world. Curley walked me through each and every step of what he was doing and showed me how he eliminated each possibility to get to the root of THE LEAK! Finally a resolution was in sight! He found it with his trusty camera and plus all the water everywhere behind the wall. He showed it to me and I was so happy to see it could be fixed. I was thinking we must have a leak in the slap which would mean the tub and tile work would all have to be redone and I was so relieved Curley and his apprentice where very professional, kind, and just the best! They cleaned up everything like nothing had happened😁 My husband arrived right as they were getting ready to leave and I him if he could show him what they had done and he did. My husband was was very impressed with him as well and appreciated him taking the time to show him what the problem was. I can not say enough good things about Curley. I will recommend your company every one I know. Thank you for making my day by finding THE LEAK!

Great Service!

Review of Dial One Johnson Plumbing

On time, helpful and knowledgeable.

Great Service

Review of Dial One Johnson Plumbing

Jonathan arrived timely and performed his service quickly and professionally.

Exceptional Service

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Kerlin provided exceptional service! He was very professional and knowledgeable and provided a detailed explanation of the services and costs associated to each service. Great job!

Very professional service

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Very helpful.