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1. Plumbers are responsible for the health of the nation?



2. How high must the burners of a water heater be off the floor (if installed in garage)?

 A. 12" B. 18" C. 24" D. 36"


3. To prevent turbulence and flow loss, piping must be?

 A. Insulated B. All stainless steel C. Reamed to full bore D. Sleeved


4. The part of the drainage system which extends from the end of the building drain and conveys its discharge to a public sewer, private sewer, individual sewage - disposal system or other point of disposal is a:

 A. Waste pipe B. Soil stack C. Building sewer D. Branch


5. Which one of these fixtures has the highest fixture unit rating?

 A. Hose Bibb B. Water Closet C. Lavatory D. Kitchen Sink


6. Water closets or bidets shall not be set any closer than______from it's center from any side wall or partition.

 A. 10" B. 12" C. 15" D. 18"


7. An individual who has completed at least 4,000 hours working under the supervision of a Responsible Master Plumber and who licensed by the Texas State Board of Plumbing to install clean outs and remove and re-set p-traps to eliminate obstructions from building drains and sewers is a :

 A. Apprentice B. Drain cleaner restricted C. Drain cleaner D. All of the above


8. A fitting connected to the sanitary drainage system for preventing the escape of sewer gases from the drainage system and designed to be removed to allow for the cleaning of the sanitary drainage system is a

 A. Clean out cap B. P Trap C. Vent Stack D. Stack Vent


9. A British Thermal Unit (B.T.U.) is

 A. The amount of energy needed to heat one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit B. Approximately three meters C. The amount of energy needed to heat one liter of water by one degree Celsius


10. The definition of gray water is waste discharged from :

 A. Lavatory B. Washing Machine C. Bathtub D. All of the above


11. The term potable water means :

 A. Water that is in a jug B. Hot water (over 110 degrees) C. Water in bowl of a commode D. Safe for human consumption


12. The unobstructed vertical distance through the free atmosphere between the outlet of the waste pipe and the flood level rim of the receptacle into which the waste is discharged is a

 A. Vacuum breaker B. Check Valve C. Air gap D. A & C


Type the correct answers below

13. Explain the purpose of a temperature and pressure relief valve


14. What type of fitting is used to prevent galvanic action due to electrolysis when connecting two dissimilar metals.


15. Please describe the process for potable water leak location below the slab


16. Explain what thermal expansion is, what causes it and how to prevent it