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Hot Water Heaters

A good hot water heater is a necessity for every home. If your water heater is not working as well as you would like it to, it may be time to think about replacing it. Don’t think you have to put up with long wait times for hot water or inconsistent delivery. You can have a high quality water heater designed to meet the demands of your home installed for a reasonable price in a very short period of time.

Water heaters are essential, but they are not particularly complicated pieces of equipment. Because of this, they are relatively easy to install and maintain. The latest hot water heater models are fuel efficient and quite effective at providing your entire house with hot water when you need it, provided they are sized, installed and maintained properly. We recommend installing Bradford White quality water heaters, and we install a wide variety of Bradford White models for all of our Dallas and Fort Worth area customers.

To choose the best new water heater for your home, you’ll need to have an expert on your side who can guide you through the process and help you make an informed decision about which model is best for you. Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has been installing both traditional and tankless water heaters in the Dallas area for years. Call us today and we’ll help you get started down the road to a new water heater today.

Water Heater Types & Sizes

Particularly now that tankless water heaters are so widely available, one of the most important and challenging aspects of picking out a water heater is making sure the one you choose is the right size and type for your household. In order to do this, you will need to have a good estimate of how much hot water you use on a regular basis and what kind of demand there will be at any given time of day.

After all, it does you little good to have a state of the art water heater installed if it is not large enough to satisfy all of your family’s hot water needs. While it may be a great piece of equipment, an improperly sized water heater will still leave you waiting for your shower to warm up if the washing machine is running at the same time or if someone is using hot water elsewhere in the house.

We also install and repair a variety of quality brand water heaters, including Ruud, Lockinvar, GE, Rheem, AO Smith, Bradford White, and Whirlpool. Tankless water heaters are also gaining popularity because of their innovative energy–efficient and space–saving design. If you want to know more about our quality tank or tankless water heater products and services, we are happy to answer any of your questions.

Calculating your household hot water demand can certainly be a challenge, though, particularly because it is probably not something you have ever had occasion to do before. That is why having the assistance of an experienced professional can make such a difference. Our experts will help you figure out just how much hot water you need at peak times in your household. With that information, you will be able to select the right size and type of water heater to suit your needs. Give Dial One a call today to find out more about all of our products and services, and we’ll help you find the right water heater for your Dallas area home.

Hot Water Heater Installation

Of course, we can do more than help you pick out a hot water heater. Our technicians have plenty of experience installing this type of equipment as well. We will take care of removing your old water heater if that is an issue and we can have your new one in place in no time. Whether you opt for a traditional tank style or a tankless water heater, proper installation is very important when you want to help make sure that your water heater will not develop chronic problems later on.

Hot Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

Keeping your water heater properly maintained is vital to ensuring that it will serve you well for many years to come. Dial One Plumbing offers full water heater maintenance services in the Dallas, Texas area. And if you do find yourself in need of emergency repairs, we can take care of that as well. Whatever your water heater needs, call us today and we’ll have a technician there as soon as possible.


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