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Water Leak Detection in Dallas, TX

Leaks from pipes, faucets or appliance valves could do serious damage to your home they go undetected. However, finding the source of the leaks can sometimes be tricky, since the plumbing pipes inside of your home are laid between walls and under floors, and outdoor pipes are below ground. But you don’t have to do this yourself—

Dampness on the Ceiling, Floor, or Walls

When you can feel dampness on your ceiling, floor, or walls, it’s unlikely you will see the source of the water. Most plumbing pipes are laid behind walls and under floors, making it impossible for you to find the precise source of the leak.

But when you see stains, whether they come and go, or the stain grows larger, it is likely a sign of bigger problems to come, so call Dial One Plumbing at (972) 890-9818.


Mold follows moisture, so it’s one of the best indicators that water was present, and you likely have a leak problem. Even if you can’t find the exact source of the leak, mold indicates that water was in the generally vicinity and requires further investigation.

Faucet Drips

Usually, when the faucet is dripping, many homeowners think it can be left for some later date. This is not a good idea.  A dripping faucet can add to water bill for water that is literally going down the drain, and a dripping faucet could indicate the need for a more serious repair. Fortunately, the repair is simply to replace the washer in the faucet.

Toilet Leak

When the toilet or sewer is leaking, it is usually the result of a broken pipe that is preventing your bathroom waste from leaving your home. You can diagnose a toilet leak by taking off the lid and listening for a hissing sound. That hissing is usually an indicator of a leak, and you need to call Dial One Plumbing at (972) 890-9818.

Water Heater Leak

Your water heater can start failing long before you see a leak. However, a big spike in your electric bill is usually an indicator that your water heater needs servicing.

If you do see a slow drip of water coming from the tank, or see water pooling around the bottom, you need to investigate more closely. The water could be coming from a crack in a nearby pipe, or from condensation.

When the leak is coming from the water heater, it could be from the temperature-pressure relief valve which might need replacing. Or the condensation might go away after the water heats up. If water continues, call Dial One Plumbing at (972) 890-9818?.

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When you have identified a new leak in your home, call Dial One Plumbing at (972) 890-9818 or contact us online for 24/7 professional plumbing services.

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