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Water Treatment System Installation

There are a variety of systems in all homes that make our daily lives easier, but constant access to a safe water takes precedence. That’s why the installation of a water treatment system is so important, yet many homes have no barrier of protection between them and the many contaminants in the average water supply.

If you’re concerned about your water and you already have reason to believe that it’s tainted with things like iron, low pH or bacteria, call Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for water testing, and if necessary, the installation of a new water treatment system. Our water treatment specialists are trained to deal with all types water quality issues and they can custom design a system that will target the specific contaminants that may be a threat in your home’s water supply.

Water Treatment Options

There are many ways to treat your water, so the first thing you should do is determine what issues need to be addressed. Warning signs that the average homeowner can spot include odd tasting or smelling water, as well as stains on fixtures. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, it’s an early indication that you may have water quality issues. Though it may not be dangerous, it should be tested right away to find out exactly what’s wrong.

When you call us for testing, we’ll take a much closer look at the water supply and determine if it is home to any specific contaminants. Different water treatment systems can deal with water hardness, low pH balance, high iron levels, bacteria, nitrates, sulfates, arsenic, and any other debris or sediment build up that come through your pipes.

While some of these problems are not immediately dangerous to you and your family, they can be damaging to your pipes and fixtures. And some of them can be dangerous. For this reason, they need to be treated as quickly as possible.

Professional Water Treatment Installation

Once testing is done, your technician will discuss your water treatment system choices with you and help you choose the best option for your home. Water filters are among the most common and are designed primarily to remove small contaminants. There are a variety of options from simple filters attached to your faucets to a full house filter that is placed at your main water line.

However, if you have chemical problems and need more extensive treatment, another type of treatment may be required. Hard water can be softened to protect against damage to your fixtures and pipes while reverse osmosis is used as a supplement to remove excess salinity or treat particularly unsafe water for drinking. If chemicals and minerals like manganese, iron, and bacteria are present, a chemical feed pump may needed.

Cartridge based water treatment is highly effective, but must be monitored continuously to ensure the treatment levels are maintained.

Ultimately, if there are any problems with your water supply, there are treatment solutions available. The key is to keep an eye your water and call in Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning if you suspect a problem. We’ll come to your home, test your water to determine exactly which contaminants are present and then discuss what treatment options will work best. Our goal is a safe home water supply for all of our customers.